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Brazilian Blowout Fights the Frizz!


Every girl in Houston knows that everyday we fight a losing battle with frizzy, poofy hair. It doesn’t matter if you have straight hair, wavy hair or poodle hair, it’s frizzy. It’s just too damn humid here. There are tons of anti-frizz lotions, creams and serums on the market and you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t own a flat iron. We spend hours every morning ironing our hair into submission, slicking it down with serums, only to have it revert to its fluffy glory as soon as we step outside. And all that blow drying and flat ironing takes its toll on our hair, making it dry and damaged, and even more frizzy. What’s a girl to to do?

Enter the Brazilian Blowout, a salon smoothing treatment that I truly believe is the answer to our problems. Kind of like a deep conditioning treatment that is heat-sealed into the hair, the Brazilian Blowout eliminates frizz, tames curls, reduces styling time and improves the overall health of the hair. It also helps protect color from fading, especially for redheads. Reds are the hardest hair color to maintain and the Brazilian Blowout seals in the color to prevent that premature fading that redheads struggle with. And that little problem we have with our hair expanding when we step outside? The Blowout keeps that from happening.

So why the Brazilian Blowout and not another brand of smoothing treatment? First, it only takes 90 minutes. Other “Brazilian” smoothing treatments on the market often taken 3-4 hours to complete and also require that you not shampoo your hair for 3 days. You also cannot pull your hair back into a ponytail or even tuck it behind your ear, lest you make a crimp in the smoothed out hair. Not the Brazilian Blowout. You can go home and wash your hair immediately. You can put your hair up, go to the gym and sweat like a pig. You can take a flying leap into the pool or ocean and your sleek locks will still be smooth and shiny. Other treatments also have a relaxer effect on the hair which can make the hair too flat. The Brazilian Blowout allows you to keep volume if you like. You can still wear your hair curly or wavy, it just won’t be frizzy. And you’ll be able to get your hair straight with only a minimal amount of blowdrying. The Blowout can also be done the same day as color. It be done over highlighted hair, platinum blonde hair, permed or relaxed hair, and Japanese straightened hair.

The Blowout process is pretty simple and like I said before, only takes 90 minutes. First the hair is shampooed with an anti-residue shampoo. Once the hair is towel-dried, the smoothing solution is applied to the hair. The hair is then blown dry with a round brush and flat ironed to reveal silky, frizz-free perfection. The results last 12 weeks with proper maintenance and then the hair returns to its normal state. Once it wears off, you can repeat the process. In fact, the more your do it, the better your hair gets.

If your a geek like me, you are probably wondering, what’s in this Brazilian Blowout stuff and how does it work to smooth the hair? The smoothing solution is mostly amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein) and a polymer system that ‘glues’ the amino acids to the hair. The solution only coats the hair shaft with the amino acids; it does not enter the cortex of the hair thus the hair is not structurally altered, like it is with a relaxer, perm or other smoothing treatments. There is NO formaldehyde or any aldehyde derivative in the solution, which is a concern with many smoothing treatments. The solution is activated by the heat from the flat iron to adhere the amino acids to the hair and smooth it out.

So how do amino acids smooth out hair? If you look at curly hair under a microscope it is oval shaped, or elliptical, compared to straight hair which is round. When the amino acids adhere to and coat a curly hair shaft, they make it more round so that it lays flatter. The cuticle is smoothed and coated so the hair doesn’t get frizzy.

The only special treatment that you must give your hair when you get a Brazilian Blowout is that you have to use sulfate and sodium chloride free shampoo.

These two ingredients strip the amino acids from the hair creating frizz and making the treatment not last as long. Brazilian Blowout offers an acai berry shampoo, conditioner, smoothing serum and conditioning masque to prolong the life of your Blowout. The products contain the same amino acids that are in the smoothing solution and redeposit them onto the hair shaft every time you use them, keeping your Blowout looking smooth and frizz free.

I have been truly impressed with the results of this treatment. My clients have been amazed at how quickly they can style their hair with little effort and how shiny and soft their hair is. Cutting down on the styling time and effort can only increase the health of their hair because they aren’t damaging it with so much heat and friction. And then to be able to walk outside in this crazy Houston summer heat and humidity and have their hair stay the way they styled it is nothing short of a miracle. Maybe we should call it the “Texas” Blowout!